Our Beginnings

Pacific Threads was founded September 2016 in Nanaimo, BC, on Vancouver Island.  We are two prairie escapees who met each other while attending the local university.  We both moved to British Columbia, and fell in love with the culture of the west coast, and Vancouver Island in particular.  The island radiates peacefulness and beauty, with many unique places to explore.

Our adventure began with an idea to create an apparel company which reflected our personalities, and our life’s most amazing moments.  The Pacific Threads design signifies the work below the surface that people don’t see, establishing a solid foundation for growth, which evolved into making kick-ass apparel that our customers could feel good about wearing.  We continued to develop our brand around its meaning to us, our love for the Island culture, and to reflect the awesomeness of the west coast.


Community Matters

We are a community-focused company, and strive to actively support ours.  Pacific Threads proudly donates a portion of our profits to the Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Friendship Centre’s Nickels and Dimes for Nursery Rhymes campaign to build a new childcare centre in Nanaimo.  Tillicum Lelum is devoted to making a positive change in the community through their vast array of services and active engagement within the community.  We are thrilled to be able to contribute, and after hearing some of the stories from their representative of how the work they do inspires change, we wanted to be a part of it and are proud to give what we can.


Ethically-made Apparel

Pacific Threads maintains a strong focus on community, part of that focus includes using socially responsible and environmentally conscious suppliers, ensuring safe working conditions and premium-quality apparel.  Pacific Threads is striving to use products sourced from Canada, and the U.S. with our main focus on using Canadian-made products.  All our products are printed in Canada and many of our products are already made in Canada.  Our goal is to source 90% of our products from Canada within the next 3 months.